Birthing Better

Birth trauma affects mothers, fathers and children. The impact of a negative or traumatic birth experience can last for years and even a lifetime.

The main goal of COST Action DEVOTION CA18211 is to connect a pan-European multidisciplinary network of birth trauma researchers. By connecting researchers across the world, CA18211 aims to accelerate what can be learned and shared amongst researchers.

Ultimately, CA18211 is working towards an ideal universal standard of care to prevent and minimise birth trauma and optimise birth experiences.

Who We Work With

CA18211 is a multidisciplinary network of Researchers dedicated to understanding and reducing traumatic birth experiences

Mothers are defined by their Experiences, Clinicians are defined by Outcomes. Birth Trauma can negatively affect Mothers and Health Care professionals – birthing better helps both

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Making a positive effect is what drives our Network. Uniting our professional expertise, allows us accelerate our goal – optimising birth for all mothers, all over the world

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By consolidating global research, CA18211 provides evidence-based research to inform national and local policy and enable better decisions to ensure optimum family care

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Channelling the power of the people Service User Groups provide insights into Birth Experiences, putting the PPI into our Research

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